“The Secrets of Building Your Own Home Wind Generator and Solar Panels

… for Less than $200!”


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  • …You can build your own wind generator and save thousands off the retail price?
  • …You don’t have to have experience doing this to make a powerful wind generator?
  • …There is a detailed step-by-step guide that will show you how exactly to build your own wind generator and solar panel system?

Why pay an arm and a leg for solar and wind energy when you can build your own at home for a fraction off retail cost (The average cost for a retail system is around $27,000!)?
You can build a single wind generator plus a single or an array of solar panels for about the price it takes to buy a tank of gas nowadays.

Who Are We and What Do We Know About This?

living off grid with renewable energy

Les and Jane Oke

This has been our life now for over 15 years. We’ve lived off grid with solar and wind generator Power that we learned to build ourselves. We know this works because we have done everything that led to us even getting paid by our electric company. Imagine that!

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