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Ready to Put an End to These Crazy Gasoline Prices Once and For All?

Simple: Convert Your Car to Electric

Les and Jane Oke

Dear Friends,

Do I have a story for you! Over 15 years ago, my wife Jane and I bought some land and built our own house on it. It was our mission to power our new home with alternative energy. First, we figured out how to build and install homemade solar panels and then we learned how to make our own wind generators. We needed lots of batteries to store all the power from our system, but at the time we couldn’t afford to buy new ones; so we had to get a bit creative.

After some legwork and a whole lot of trial and error: we stumbled upon an incredible source of cheap batteries that worked great for storing energy and powering our new home. But we didn’t stop there… As you will soon learn, using alternative energy becomes addictive and we had the habit pretty bad! So next we set set our eyes on our gas guzzling automobiles: our big truck and sedan. We were wondering whether or not we could actually afford to run these vehicles off batteries instead of gasoline. I’ll admit that at the time, we didn’t know what we were doing… but we set out to find out how to convert our cars anyway. After several months of long days experimenting we had a breakthrough and actually got everything to work!

Then we got to working on a series of design improvements to increase the speed and cruising range.

Once we began cruising our electric vehicles around town, it seemed like everyone began to take notice. Even our neighbors started wandering over to ask us questions. They wanted us to show them how to do what we did so that they could convert their own cars to electric.

This inspired us to sit down and write up all the things that we had learned so we could create a step-by-step guide that we could share.

So we sat down and wrote up all the things we had learned, creating a step-by-step set of plans that we could give out.

Within a few months, we started getting the same requests from people that we didn’t even know. That’s what led us to making this website – so that we could offer the knowledge to anyone that was interested in converting their own car to electric but didn’t live down the block.

You see we were really no different than you. We were just regular people that really wanted to eliminate some of our expenses and live a more sustainable life. Now though, we would like to share the secrets with you on how we managed to complete the car conversions on an incredibly tight budget.

If you’re imagining a glorified golf cart in your mind right now…

Then you couldn’t be further from the truth! The vehicles that we are talking about that you can convert come from good’ol names like Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, and so on and so forth that – travel at least 55mph and still have all the amenities that you’re used to.

In fact, with the exception of being much quieter and with the lack of an exhaust pipe – most people wouldn’t even notice that you’re driving an electric vehicle.

If you’re worried that you’ll have to stop constantly to recharge…

There’s no reason to be. With a typical conversion, you will experience over 100-mile cruising ranges from a single electric charge! We have found this to be more than sufficient to meet all our daily driving needs… even making trips to the next town over.

If you’re thinking that you have to be a mechanic to do this…

Well… we weren’t! Let me confess something to you; neither my wife nor I have ever been particularly mechanically inclined. Heck, I nearly flunked out of auto mechanics class back in high school. Even still, for some reason electricity has always been much easier for me to understand. We’ve gotten feedback from many readers who feel the same way. When we started the quest to convert our first vehicle, we didn’t have any type of guide or book to assist us. We just went ahead and experimented until we found something that worked. Of course, during our first couple of experiments, we made a bunch of mistakes that required starting over.

That is why we want to pass on our knowledge to you – so that we can save you from those same mistakes that we made and give you something that really works.

Join the thousands who have successfully done this:

Hard to believe that in 1996 there was only 3,280 electric cars in the U.S. However eleven years later in 2007 that number spiked to over 55,000. President Obama recently set a national goal to increase the number of completely-electric vehicles on U.S. roads to one-million by the year 2015. That’s great news for the environment.. so let’s help make it happen.

Are you ready to join us?
Just listen to a few of the words we received from users of our conversion guide:

Dear Les,

My wife now has a great vehicle for going to work and doing the shopping around town. Perfect…



Just finished our project car. The Toyota you suggested worked great. It feels so good to drive by those gas stations. We are already working on our second conversion!

Toronto, Canada

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I bought this book as a gift for a friend. I took a peek at it myself and all I can say is wow! Your passion for electric vehicles really jumps to life on the pages. Now you have me planning my own conversion this summer!

Michael B.,
Boulder, Colorado

Les and Jane,

Your guide is awesome! It has so much information. I have always wanted to live off the grid!

Long Beach, California

Yes, it can be fun to drive an electric car and you’ll probably enjoy a lot of attention and curiosity from friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers. But lets forget about that part for a moment to remember this…

The most significant reason to drive an electric car is to save money.

This year in 2012, the price of gas is getting out of control on it’s way up to nearly $5.00 per gallon! It can be downright maddening to watch the bill roll to $60, then to $70, and up to over $100 each time if you have a large vehicle like a truck.
That is money that is profit for gas companies in foreign countries most of the time, and we will never get it back.

Multiply your gas bill by the dozens and dozens of times that you fill up each year and we’re talking about some serious money.

What would you be left to do if gas prices nearly doubled next year?

Would you be able just to shrug it off? Or would you have to start cutting back on your driving and parts of your lifestyle? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re free from that worry all together?