“The Secrets of Building Your Own Home Wind Generator and Solar Panels

… for Less than $200!”


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  • …You can build your own wind generator and save thousands off the retail price?
  • …You don’t have to have experience doing this to make a powerful wind generator?
  • …There is a detailed step-by-step guide that will show you how exactly to build your own wind generator and solar panel system?

Why pay an arm and a leg for solar and wind energy when you can build your own at home for a fraction off retail cost (The average cost for a retail system is around $27,000!)?
You can build a single wind generator plus a single or an array of solar panels for about the price it takes to buy a tank of gas nowadays.

Who Are We and What Do We Know About This?

living off grid with renewable energy

Les and Jane Oke

This has been our life now for over 15 years. We’ve lived off grid with solar and wind generator Power that we learned to build ourselves. We know this works because we have done everything that led to us even getting paid by our electric company. Imagine that!

“FREE Video Reveals How to Slash Your Electric Bill by 80% or More – Guaranteed”

You see our family is no different than yours. We are just regular people who want to make a difference in other people’s lives. People like you, who have been held down, and robbed blind by the power companies. We were just like you, wanting to lower our power expenses, especially high electricity costs. It is getting very expensive out there, but we have figured out a way to beat high energy costs, and we are going to show you how.

What People Are Saying

“.…new wind generator built today.”

“Hello Les and Jane,

We just got our new wind generator built today. It looks great spinning up there and the meter tells us that our batteries are charging up. Found them for free in the sources you listed too. In total it cost us only $87 … we thought that was great. Thanks. We are now starting on our electric car conversion, can’t wait to save all that money on gas.”

Will and Laurie E. – Florida, U.S. 7/05/11

“…great Ebooks!”

Hi mr Oke
Wow, we had no idea that we could do this conversion ourselves. Thanks for the great Ebooks! easy to follow and good directions…

Bill S. – New Mexico, U.S. 2/11/09

“…fantastic collection of information..”

It’s been a couple of weeks and now I can see how we are well on our way to not even having an electrical bill to worry about. This is really quite a fantastic collection of information that you guys gathered here!

Michael W. – Mississauga, Canada 8/15/10

Never pay for electricity again…

Build a PROVEN – FUNCTIONAL – ATTRACTIVE d.i.y. wind generator for less than $200!

  • Saving $$$ thousands from a pro system.
  • It Saves Tons of Money – You save money when you
    don’t have to spend $$thousands$$ on a “retail solar
  • It Saves Tons of Money – You could cut your energy bills
    in half, or even completely eliminate them!
  • Go Green – Reduce your carbon footprint and
    help the environment.

  • The Total WindPlans Package is valued at over $200 and today we are
    offereing our guide for just $49.97!

You’ll Also Get

The Going Green Mega Pack

Bonus #1 Solar Panels

Solar energy for your home includes making your own solar panel i wow, this will save upto 75% on the cost buying new solar panel, you as well, in the 4 e-book collection, to save you more money on your home energy needs. Regular price $49.97!

Bonus #2 Renewable energy solutions

Free solar panels and renewable energy solutions guide (this is the original version,with nearly 5000 copies sold worldwide)This e-book brings it all together for your renewable energy powered home, and explores the option of off grid living or connecting your solar panel and wind generator to the grid. The power company could even send you a check every month instead of the bill. Find free solar panels for your home and learn all of the option s available for you with wind and solar energy. This is the best option for the family considering renewable energy for their energy. Regular price is $29.97!

Bonus #3 BioDiesel Magic

A great Alternative fuel. Did you know you can make your own bio diesel at home for only about 46 cents a gallon? it can be used as home heating oil or even to power any diesel engine, from your car or truck to your diesel generator. What a saving on fuel. Regular price is $29.97.

That’s a value of over $200 in e-books that you will
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Imagine how it will feel to see your energy bill
shrink to zero and imagine the possibility of even
getting a check from your utility company paying
you for the electricity that you generate from your
own power station.

DIY green energy teachers
and founder of

P.S. We’ve extracted our 15 years of experience and
condensed it into an easy-to-use fully illustrated
how-to manual. We’ve removed the main stumbling
blocks of owning your own Wind Generator.

P.S.S. You can be creating and enjoying the benefits of creating your own energy in as little as one