• In My Backyard Tool – NREL
    The In My Backyard (IMBY) tool estimates how much electricity you can produce through solar and wind power in your own backyard. Whether you are building a DIY Wind Generator, or maybe you are just curious.  This is a fun tool to use for your exact location.
  • Solar Water Heating Calculator
    Water heating can be a major power consumer. While the power utilized every day is usually a lesser amount than for air cooling or perhaps home heating, it is necessary throughout the year, so solar water heating is a fantastic use of solar power. Take advantage of this calculator for you to discover the energy utilization of your own water heating unit, and also to calculate whether or not the solar water heating unit can help you save money.
  • Power – Energy Conversion Calculator
    Here are several of the methods which you can discover exactly how power can be represented. Power is actually just the actual number of energy which is transformed in a unit of time.