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Welcome to Wind Plans!

A bit about this site.  We are a Renewable Energy Resource.  If you want to live off the grid or learn how we can all power the grid, we want to be the place you come to. was created to teach people how to build a wind generator, but also to provide information on other aspects of Renewable Energy. Wind is present throughout the world and we feel it is underused as a renewable energy.

Hello, I’m Teresa.

I am part of your Windplans team. A bit about me…I have been interested in renewable energy and protecting our environment for most my life. When I was young, we worried about the greenhouse effect, now we call it global warming. Either way, I believe [we] people are part of the problem and part of the solution.

There was a time when solar power (or alternative energy) was only for the very rich or for the governments. I have never liked that idea. I believe that we each can make a difference in our environment and create the world we want for our future and our children and grand-children’s future. For the past 10 years I have been part of a company that remodels and renovates homes with that in mind…

Now we have the technology and understanding of how more renewable energy is created and can be used to more advantage for all of us. Windmills are no longer just for pumping water or grinding grain. I am fascinated by them because of their movement and beauty. That’s part of why we have as well.

I think that people all over our world can use wind for energy and should have the right to create power to improve environments and communities without having to spend money they may not have when ingenuity may be all that’s needed to improve our lives and the lives of our families and communities.

We here at believe that renewable energy is for each and every one of us. Alternative energy or renewable energy is not something that is available to only a certain class or socio-economic status.

We all have the ability and power to change how our homes are run, how our communities act and react in the world, and how we live in our environment.

Hello, I’m Joan.

I have been part of the green movement since the early 70’s. I have worked as a contractor and construction manager for years. One of my passions has to do with building LEED Homes and improving how we utilize the energy we have. Alternative energy, or renewable energy, should be available to everyone. With the right knowledge, we can all work to improve our homes and our environments.

We here at windplans believe that by educating and empowering ourselves as people we can change our lives, our communities, and our worlds. It’s time to review our beliefs about how energy works and what we need to do to get electricity for our communities.

There are communities all over the world that suffer because they do not have access to power. With the knowledge and some simple tools, these communities could change their way of life. We can help that happen.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back any time. Our goal is to help improve all our lives and empower all of us with wind and renewable energy. We will keep good new content coming so we can all discover that the myths we have heard through the years are just myths and we can all do something to improve our world.

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