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Dear Friends

Are you worried about recent headlines, and how they can effect your electricity costs?

Are you energy self-sufficient? Are you FREE from the clutches of the power companies?

Rolling Blackouts in Texas, Skyrocketing Costs on California Electricity, Natural Gas Shutoffs last year in the Middle of one of the coldest winters. You should be more than worried:

In fact, you could be held hostage by the power company when you least expect it. Recent and sudden changes in the Middle East Governments could Spike Oil and Gas Prices, driving your electric costs even higher.

You Don’t Have to Bow Down And, Grovel to Power Companies Any Longer!


  • You can build your own wind generator saving $1,000’s off the retail price?
  • Anyone can do this, even if you have no experience building a wind generator?!

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  • You Can Eliminate Your Power Bill By 50% or Even Completely
  • Get Step-By-Step Guide: How to Build a Wind Generator.
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  • The Material Needed to Build Your Wind Generator Is Cheap and Easily Accessible, Anywhere in the World

Who Are we? And What do we Know about this?

For the past 18 years my family has been living Off-the-Grid with only Solar and Wind Generator Power powering our home.

After building our own home we turned our attention to the problem of finding alternative energy options for our home that we could actually afford.

Before you go any further, we have a confession to make:

We didn’t just write this guide, WE LIVED IT.

This has been our life now for over 15 years. We live off-grid with Solar and Wind Generator Power that we built ourselves.

We know this works because we have done everything that is shown in our Homemade Wind Generator Plans!

Today we live 100% Off-Grid with our Wind Generator and Solar Panels

You see our family is no different than yours. We are just regular people who want to make a difference in other people’s lives. People like you, who have been held down and robbed blind by the power companies.

You see, we were like you… just regular people who wanted to lower their expenses, especially high electricity costs.

It is getting Very Expensive out there, but we figured out a way to beat high energy costs, and we are hoping to show you how – Using Our Homemade Wind Generator Plans and Solar Panels Guide.

Are you wondering…?

  • How much will a homemade wind generator cost? (Surprise! Its under $100)
  • Can we get reliable, easy to follow homemade wind generator plans?
  • How long will it take to build a wind generator (Hint: our plans can be done in a weekend.)
  • Is a homemade wind generator comparable to store bought models? (YES we’ll show you!)
  • Are the parts for how to build a wind generator easy to find? (YES see page 15)
  • Can I build my own solar panels inexpensively too? (Sure! We GIVE that away as a bonus)

The simple answer to all of your questions is: You can build a 1000 watt homemade wind generator for under $200 (including the homemade wind generator plans!) in about 2 weekends and all of the parts are readily available and quickly obtained.

The main problem for our family was that it was just too expensive for us to buy enough solar panels or wind generators to power our off grid home. Who wants to break the bank? Not us: We’ve been there and have a solution for you!

- Homemade Wind Generator Plans!

Over the past 15 years, we have scoured every source possible, have read every book, and seen every set of plans out there: we have tested and retested and we now can finally bring you the best Homemade Wind Generator Plans!

How This Will Directly Help You

  • Also Revealed: Step-By-Step Plans to Build Your Own Solar Panels.
  • We Have Made the Process Easy to Follow – Even a Complete Novice Will Be Able to Follow These Plans.
  • You Can Eliminate Your Power Bill By 50% or Even Completely.

The Search for an answer:

The Crazy story of “building a wind generator” started over 15 years ago. This project has proven to be a great addition to our renewable energy system. In fact, we are confident that this is the fastest way for any family to get started using renewable energy.

When we first started out with using renewable energy for our home we took the usual route and bought a few solar panels and eventually a wind generator too.

We did all of the installation work ourselves, and soon visitors to our home were asking us to install renewable energy systems for them too.

As you can imagine, a new business was born and it took off fast. It developed into a rather busy time for us installing solar panels and wind generators, but we still had not found an answer to the problem of how expensive it was to get started running a home with renewable energy.

You see, the systems we were installing cost about $10,000 for the average home. The biggest expense was the wind generator coming in at about $4,000 to $6,000. That is a lot of money for many people, but it seemed like there was no options for alternative energy.

And then it happened: We Discovered the Answer!

Literally, this is what happened: One of the deliveries of wind generators came to us un-assembled, with a note about how to assemble it using the included wind generator plans. It was a simple matter for us to put the units together for our customers.

Actually we could not believe how simple these machines really were. Then the light went on – this was our answer! We tracked down all of the parts to build a wind generator using OUR OWN homemade wind generator plans.

After about 2 years of work and research, and untold test wind generators we finally came up with a system for a homemade wind generator that just about anyone could do. And the best part – all of the parts cost less than $100.

We got tired of selling and installing homemade wind generators at this point so we decided to put together homemade wind generator plans instead so that everyone could benefit from our discovery. This seemed like the best way to get much needed information about how to build a wind generator out to YOU, the home owner, struggling with rising energy costs.

Nearly 20 years of Research and Development packed into one Ebook:Why spend thousands on a new wind generator when you could simply build your own wind generator and solar panels with our easy to follow Homemade Guide. We decided to put all of our hard earned knowledge into easy to read homemade wind generator plans and solar panels guide that even if you’re not building or mechanically inclined you can still learn how to build your own system.

Yes – we used to install wind generators and solar panel systems… but the truth is we had to read the instructions every time. We were not very mechanically inclined, we just sort of fell into the renewable energy business because it is our passion. With our over 15 years of experience living-off-the-grid with renewable energy we have seen many other wind generator plans and designs.

Our plans are the very best wind generator plans available on the internet when cost, ease of assembly, and specific directions of how to build a wind generator are all considered. Not only that, but you can learn how to find free batteries and even free wind generator towers with our guide.

Our Homemade Wind Generator Plans Challenge

As we set to work on writing out the very best homemade wind generator plans, specifically designed for someone who knew absolutely nothing about how to build a wind generator, we set out the following challenge as our guideline. Our Homemade Wind Generator and Solar Panels:

  • The Plans are Easy to Read and Follow
  • One Unit Generates at least 1,000 Watts of Power
  • The Wind Generator Can Be Built for Under $100 (USD)
  • Can Be Made from Readily Available Material
  • The Turbines are Easy to Build and Assemble
  • Tough Enough to Endure the Weather to Be Long-Lasting(The Harsh Canadian Climate so They Will Last Anywhere in the World)
  • The Wind Generator Has to Look Good

Some Testimonials –

What Other People Like You Had to Say:

“Hello Les and Jane,

We just got our new wind generator built today. It looks great spinning up there and the meter tells us that our batteries are charging up. Found them for free in the sources you listed too. In total it cost us only $87 … we thought that was great. Thanks. We are now starting on our electric car conversion, can’t wait to save all that money on gas.”

Bill and Laurie Edwards


“Hello Les and Jane,

Wow, we had no idea that we could do this conversion ourselves. Thanks for the great e-book, easy to follow and good directions…”


New Mexico

The Brass Tracks of What You Get

Why pay up to $10,000 for a new wind generator when you can build a wind generator for under $100?

When You Order This Amazing E-Book, you will receive the COMPLETE set of plans to build your own wind generator from scratch, Using Materials that can cost you less than $100, and can be done in a weekend.

The Plans Are:

  • The Plans are Easy to Read and Follow
  • One Unit Generates at least 1,000 Watts of Power
  • The Wind Generator Can Be Built for Under $100 (USD)
  • Be Made from Readily Available Material
  • The Turbines are Easy to Build and Assemble
  • Tough Enough to Endure the Weather to Be Long-Lasting (We tested in the Harsh Canadian Climate so We Know They”ll Last Just About Anywhere in the World)
  • The Wind Generator Looks Good Enough to Show Off!

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Free solar panels and renewable energy solutions guide (this is the original version with nearly 15,000 copies sold worldwide). This e-book brings it all together for your renewable energy powered home, and explores the option of off grid living or connecting your solar panel and wind generator to the grid. The power company could even send you a check every month instead of the bill. Find free solar panels for your home and learn all of the options available for you with wind and solar energy. This is the best option for the family considering renewable energy for their home.
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Bonus #4 BioDiesel Magic

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  3. Save Energy – you could cut your energy bills in half, or even completely eliminate them!
  4. GO GREEN – reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.
  5. It’s Fun – just wait until your friends and family see what you have created!

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It’s now time for you to take action- you know you want to build your own homemade wind generator instead of spending $4,000, even $6,000 on a new one.

Spending so little and getting the fun and satisfaction of building your own homemade wind generator is really a better choice. We know you can do it, and we will help in any way we can.

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